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2 Elements Luxury Buyers are Seeking

2 Elements Luxury Buyers are Seeking

The pandemic has changed how people see their lives, their space, and the environment which they surround themselves with. How has this changed the mindset of the luxury real estate buyer? Space and safety are now two of the most important features luxury buyers are considering. There has been a considerable increase in buyers seeking remote vacation homes, presumably as a result of the newly evident confines of everyday urban and suburban life. Priorities have changed.

Read the Inman article, These are the 2 things luxury buyers want right now.

This phenomenon is of particular interest to us here in Lake Tahoe, a region that operates largely as a vacation and getaway destination. We have seen, as I say in this article, “a lot of new people buying into our market from other areas, not just the Bay Area.” This uptick in buyers looking for vacation homes has undoubtedly been inflated by the pandemic experience. 

If we stop to think for a moment about what is important to us, oftentimes we come up with a few very basic answers. Family, friends, and home, are at the top of the list for many. Because a new emphasis has been placed on the importance and the function of a home in this ever-changing world, the real estate world stands to observe the enormous impact. 

Luxury home buyers have changed their sails, now moving toward a more spacious and secure life. We are here to assist in this pursuit. May we all love, cherish, and find refuge in the homes we occupy. 


Amie Quirarte

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