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A Moment in the Spotlight: Amie Quirarte

A Moment in the Spotlight: Amie Quirarte
Hi readers, Hope here. I’m Amie’s Marketing Coordinator, and I would like to take a moment to highlight some of her accomplishments. Amie is a woman who is constantly moving forward and seizing opportunities to learn, share, and grow. Beyond her role as one of North Lake Tahoe/Truckee’s most-loved Real Estate Agents (yes, I may be biased), Amie is an industry leader, a bold community organizer, an activist for solving local issues, and a deeply committed philanthropist. I have watched in amazement over the time that I have worked with Amie as she has tackled what seems like an ever-expanding list of ambitious projects. It is with joy and admiration that I share her efforts with you.

An Industry Leader

While Amie started her career as an agent only 6 years ago, she has already surpassed milestones and markers that may agents work decades to achieve. She stands as a local real estate expert who consults and informs the broader North Lake Tahoe community through publications with Moonshine Ink and her social outlets, she has sold $80 million in residential real estate since 2014 and has positioned herself highly within the broader real estate community. She now sits on the board for the Tahoe Sierra Board of Realtors and is the President-Elect for the Tahoe Sierra MLS. Of late, Amie has been working frequently with the national real estate news organization, Inman News, to share the industry knowledge she has accrued in her most successful (and the inevitable unsuccessful) moments in real estate.

In January, Amie traveled to New York City to speak on two panels at the Inman Connect 2020, a networking and strategy-sharing conference for real estate professionals. Amie has been involved with these conferences throughout her career, offering her insights to colleagues. Since January, her work with Inman has steadily increased as she has sat on multiple virtual panels, (including the Inman Connect Now) and virtual “Town Hall” meetings, she’s been hosted by Brad Inman on his daily podcast, and has written numerous news articles for this outlet that have been shared with thousands. Amie has collaborated with renowned real estate icons recently as she sat on a panel Dolly Lenz and Mauricio Umansky. Lastly, she has been recognized within her professional sphere as a leader in her home community, the Truckee/Tahoe region, which leads me to the discussion of her wonderful community efforts.

Community Development and Philanthropy
At the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak, Amie quickly mobilized and started the Emergency Relief Page to respond to the needs of our local mountain community. Her efforts culminated into an ongoing push to relieve coronavirus-related stressors for local families by providing free services such as rent relief, thousands of quality hot meals, and assistance with the basic daily needs of community members such as grocery deliveries. This effort has continued to benefit many local businesses as the funds raised were invested with financially damaged local restaurants to put on these hot meals to share. The team involved in this project raised over $100,000 in the span of a month to issue emergency response even before our government could provide any support. This whole project was a beautiful effort to both help facilitate and to observe; it instilled me with immense pride and admiration for the collaborative power and generosity of our Tahoe community. Amie coordinated all of these efforts through this Facebook page and did not skip a beat when she was confronted with the desire to help and connect people in our area. She has taken it upon herself to stand up and respond to these local needs, and those efforts are not limited to the challenging age of COVID-19.
Finding and creating local housing solutions is a cause Amie has done diligent work on. She has worked alongside the Mountain Housing Council, most notably in spearheading the whitepaper for ADUs with the Mountain Housing Council. This specific effort addresses the local housing shortage issue by exploring the possible solutions ADUs- Additional Dwelling Units- can provide for local people seeking affordable housing. She has volunteered her time to work as an administrator on a number of local’s pages like Truckee Tahoe People. She is a bridge between not only locals but also outward towards the part-time owner community, who she likes to point out as a group that is generally very concerned with the well-being of our area, as they do fondly consider Tahoe their home, too.
Additional philanthropic efforts include Amie’s service as a board member for Harold Robinson Foundation, an LA-based non-profit organization that invests in students, their families, their schools, and their communities by providing resources and opportunities to underserved communities. Lastly, but not least importantly, Amie is a proud volunteer with Ride a Wave in Santa Cruz, a cause that is dear to her heart. 

Local Journalism 

Amie has been a columnist for Moonshine Ink since 2016. She created the column “Property Points” where she has been able to share her expertise and industry knowledge with readers of this paper, often times advising new home-buyers or addressing solutions to local housing issues. Amie also hosts a blog where she and her team write frequently about relevant industry updates and synthesize market reports, real estate news, and important Truckee/Tahoe stories.  

The reason I am writing this piece is to illuminate Amie Quirarte’s place in our community as a successful professional and inspirational activist. She is a force that does not hesitate to move forward and take on challenges. I believe she is an exemplary community member as she pours endless loads of time and attention into both working in this community as well as working for this community. It is true that as residents of Tahoe/Truckee, we are tremendously lucky to enjoy the presence of many incredible community leaders, yet it is certain that we could use more people as engaged as Amie! Thanks for all that you do, Amie.


Hope Huber

Amie Q. Marketing Coordinator


Amie Quirarte

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