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Hilarious Last Minute Mask Innovation

Hilarious Last Minute Mask Innovation

We all know an outstanding mask award when we see one. Personally, I’ve seen people pull some truly outlandish mask stunts in public. Of course, we’re all doing our best to pitch in to prevent the spread of the virus, but at times, it’s easy to find yourself a bit unprepared in a grocery store parking lot, starving, and without a mask… What do you do now?

Moonshine Ink published an article reporting a handful of hilarious mask moments seen in Lake Tahoe or Truckee. Local people’s responses to the publication’s Facebook post yielded us a few chuckles. Perhaps you’ll enjoy these as well.

Responders reported using or observing these last-minute tricks:

  • Clean, unused diapers
  • “A mask fashioned out of four squares of toilet paper with two holes cut out for his ears”
  • “Just watched a couple hold the newspapers from the front of the store to their face the entire time they shopped. I kept my distance but I see the effort.
  • “A female customer walked up wearing a shirt, skirt, shoes, and leggings but no mask. The employee at the front asked her to put on her mask before entering the store. So she promptly removed her leggings/yoga pants and tied them around her face to cover it. Gotta give it to her.”
  • “With my shirt pulled up over my face, approach the entrance and see if any employees are at the door. Then ask politely if they have a mask available. Many businesses have masks available if you ask.”

Find the full Moonshine Ink article here. 

Here’s another cute Insider article that’s pretty chuckle-worthy:

’28 of the most creative face masks from around the world.’

Photo from: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/84020349286854834/



Amie Quirarte

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