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‘How can agents collaborate in the time of coronavirus?’

Yes, real estate is a competitive business. This period of social distance and economic uncertainty could have bred more aggression amongst competition, however, I chose to work in the opposite direction. 

“But what if we all lived and worked in a world where we truly believed the ‘stronger together’ mindset?”

In a time of isolation, I have developed my own methods for breaking past such unforeseeable barriers.  I created a group of 15-20 agents that’s purpose is to provide each other with a professional community resource.

“That’s right. We meet up with our competition to share what’s working, what isn’t working, our successes and our failures. We encourage each other to grow into the best versions of ourselves.”

You can read the article from Inman below to learn more about this unique story. 

How can agents collaborate in the time of coronavirus?

By Amie Quirarte 


Amie Quirarte

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