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‘How to adapt your marketing to be sensitive’

In a recent article I wrote for Inman News, I outlined the idea of sensitive marketing. Sensitive marketing goes beyond the mundane and the typical, it speaks to your audience in creative ways, and shows them something they won’t see elsewhere: authenticity.

“Marketing to a consumer, whether they are a past or future client, should always come from a place of authenticity.”

Sensitive marketing is both a strategic tactic for marketing yourself as an agent, as well as a mechanism for strengthening your outlook on your own business altogether. If you do have the power to make a more meaningful impact on your clients, why wouldn’t you use it, especially if it yields repeat clients and referrals? Showing the idiosyncrasies of your humanity does not always put you in a vulnerable position, but instead can be an advantage.

“I challenge you, as agents, to use this time to tap into your creativity and think of innovative ways to add value to your clients’ lives. Instead of falling into the same pattern of market reports, just sold and just listed, market with sensitivity, and I guarantee your results will be different than they ever have been before.”


Amie Quirarte

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