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Our Local COVID-19 Relief Efforts: Tahoe/Truckee

Our Local COVID-19 Relief Efforts: Tahoe/Truckee

During these times of uncertainty and what can feel like chaos, it has become apparent that we must rise together to forge on as strong communities, healthy and hopeful.

In the Tahoe/Truckee area, we are lucky enough to boast of a vibrant community founded on strength. This is one that I am amazed to have watched unify to ensure that our own are well-supported, and one which I am very proud to be a part. With this great fortune, I feel called to give back fervently to respond to the emergency caused by COVID-19. In these past few weeks, I have already learned a more profound meaning of community strength.

As some of you may know, about two weeks ago, I started an emergency relief page on Facebook as a resource to locate and respond to local families in need of help during this crisis. This page has quickly grown into one that now serves as an important, connective resource for local people to collectively generate and disperse aid amidst this widespread calamity. As of this morning, we have 964 followers, 903 likes, and the page has reached over 1,000 people. You can like and follow the page here if you’re interested in getting involved with the relief efforts, or if you’d just like to stay in the loop: Emergency Relief Truckee/Tahoe Covid-19.

 Here’s what we have been working on in the Tahoe region to bolster this community, and how you may be able to help, too.

Below are descriptions of some of the ways we have already been able to support our community: 

  • At their request, we put together 65 goody bags (coffee, chocolate, handwritten cards from children, hand soap, shampoo) for the Truckee Senior Center. 
  • We put together 100 goody bags (pens, chocolate-covered coffee beans, hand lotion, etc.) for healthcare workers. One of my friends is a nurse at Tahoe Forest and hand-delivered the items to her colleagues. 
  • We put together 100 goody bags for our frontline, grocery store workers.
  • We found a licensed therapist (who lives in the area) willing to donate her services to those in need of mental health assistance.
  • We have coordinated over 25 grocery shops in the last week alone and many of the volunteers have completed the shopping, delivered the items, and paid for it with their own money.
  • My friend, John David Fore (JD), who runs Truckee Tahoe People generously offered to not only help with this movement but also to allow funds to be funneled through his 501c3: https://truckeetahoepeople.org/. JD has been amazingly helpful and is spearheading a project of his own right now. Utilizing a few volunteers from the page, JD and his team are putting together a report of every business in the Truckee/North Tahoe area and including their current operating hours and services, which is planned to go public. 
  • We provided the funds for the Boys and Girls Club to serve 150 dinners a night for a week. Dinner has never been part of the Boys and Girls Club menu of services so they have no funding for this. Dinners are not just for students, but for all families in need right now.
  • We are working on a community gift card idea for the entire Truckee/North Tahoe area. We hope that this will allow small, local businesses who don’t have the capacity to a) stay open or b) accept payment for gift cards online stay afloat. The idea is something like this: https://saveourfaves.org/
  • A local community member put me in touch with a small group of donors last week who are looking for ways to help our community. I filled it out and within a few minutes, I was on the phone with one of the donors. I was blown away by this group’s generosity and willingness to jump in to help our community (the donor I spoke with owns a second home in Tahoe City). An hour or so later, I received the news that we’d be receiving a $15,000 grant {towards TTP 501c3} to help with our efforts. 
  • In order to have more flexibility with how we are able to disperse relief aid, Kelly and Bill Diets, owners of Tahoe Luxury Properties, and I have created an alternate fund through gofundme.com. The purpose of this additional fund is to be able to bypass the restrictions involved with 501c3 accounts, therefore dispensing more immediate relief. These funds have already been used to help 11 families pay rent in only two days, as well as more grocery deliveries, and more. A social worker at Placer County has been giving us information on how best to help; much of this effort is focused on helping undocumented families who will not reap the benefits of the stimulus package. 
  • We are ensuring that the information we publish will be in Spanish and English. 
  • Because people are looking for direction upon being furloughed, laid off, or are seeking family resources, I have taken on the role of directing people to the proper outlets. I have been connecting people with the right resources, directing them to unemployment, and more.
  • All of this work has been funded privately. We have not received outside money or resources from governing entities. This effort has been 100% grassroots.

With the combined efforts of so many caring individuals, we have already accomplished far more than we had ever imagined. Watching the community take action in this way has been full of beauty and is creating a landmark of resiliency. However, we do expect these needs to grow and increase in intensity in the coming weeks.

If you are able to offer your support, donating to our efforts would allow us to continue helping local families. You can donate here https://www.gofundme.com/f/emergency-relief-for-tahoe-truckee-cv19?utm_medium=copy_link&utm_source=customer&utm_campaign=p_lico+share-sheet

There is little need to remind you how important unified support is at a time like this. These waters may be uncharted, yet in working together we will overcome the collective challenges that lie before us. There will undoubtedly be a day when we look back and rejoice that we were able to be so strong for one another. 




Amie Quirarte

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